Remote shutter release for EM-5?

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Re: Yes . . . (final update for the wireless one)

NeroMetalliko wrote:

jaylive wrote:

cable! yes... i neglected to say i needed a wireless remote... thanks though.


this is the cheapest I have found:

Aputure Pro Coworker 3L

I have ordered it for 20€ and I expect to get it in few days, from what I have seen it does the job but you have to take care for the battery drain in the transmitter (I think I will put the battery off when not in use). The receiver works as wired remote even without batteries.

I will let you know how it works, if you are interested.



after some mixed-results experience I want to update this post adding my findings.

After some days I got the above mentioned Aputure, but I discovered immediately that they send me the Sony (S1) not Olympus (3L) version. I sent it back and I got the 3L one as replacement but unlucky it was not working with my E-M5 (the shutter was not firing at all). Sent back again and waited a lot for a replacement because it becames out of stock. After some postponed dates of ETA I canceled the order and I'm waiting for a refund.

In the meantime I ordered the Pixel RW-221/UC1, I got it some days ago. It is more expensive (35€), it has a very "plastic" feeling (not so nice), but it accepts common AAA batteries and, most important, it's working fine with my E-M5.

I hope this will help.


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