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griddi wrote:

Jeffery, would you say, that, for instance these 2 photo's, would have come out better, when taken with RAW ?


Hey no worries if you can't see the difference, it takes practice. The unfortunate thing is once you can see the difference, you can't unsee them. That is what compels alot of us to keep shooting RAW.

As to your question, the short answer is Yes.

Look, there are many aspects to a photograph and image quality and composition are two separate things. You don't shoot RAW to improve composition but it does allow you (with proper post processing) to present what's already there better. With the first sepia image, RAW can handle the tones better and in the second image it could have made the colour contrasts and saturations better.

There are other advantages to RAW we haven't discussed, things like post processing latitudes and 'shoot to the right' technique. I know every image I post processed with RAW will look good when displayed or printed at maximum size. Also going through the process is good practice. I operate on the basis that 'My-next-photo-will-win-me-that-Putlizer-Prize', so when that shot does come I know how to make look the best. And hey, I paid alot of money for these camera equipments, so I will squeeze every bit of image quality out of them.

People here are always pursuing the sharpest lens or the best sensor but there is already a method to get alot more out of what they have. It's money vs. time, and I more have time.

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