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Re: Eos M or Micro 4/3

qksmith wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

The OMD is worth saving up for but the new Pens have equivalent iq, apparently! gx1/2 vs pens?

qksmith wrote:

I am currently and Eos System user with some nice L glass. But am sick of the size. and the disfunctional issues arising from working with the SLR mirror.

So have decided to downsize to a mirrorless system.

I really like the size and function of the GX1 but would really prefer to wait for a GX2 and am slightly put out but the 14-42 pz problems i read about. (otherwise that lens format sounds great) and the cost of the 12-35 OUCH!!

Eos M is familiar to me but it doesnt really excite, particularly with the lack of glass options ATM. and don't even suggest putting EF glass on the eos m. It is a complete waste of glass as you would be using a fraction of the weight of glass and size of lens you carry. plus a crappy adaptor.

So when are we going to see a GX2 or some good Eos M glass. And are the 14-42 pz issues real or is it a good lens.

everything i read about the OMD sounds great but i cant get excited about it for some reason. i prefer the size and shape of the gx1.

I really dont get retro for retro sake. (i dont consider the gx1 retro, but the omd certainly is)

I wouldnt go to a g5 for GH3 cause the size it to big.

I think i will have to wait for the GX2. just wish i knew if it was next week or next year or beyond.

As a long time, long ago, slr shooter I like the retro approach of the OMD, but that's not the main reason to get one of course. Before the OMD I had a 40D with some nice glass, though no L ones. There is no Canon APS with better sensor than the OMD. Not 7D, nor EOS M. You need to go to 5DII or III to get something better. This statement is based on DxO ratings. I have no idea what intentions Canon have with their mirrorless entry, but so far it seems limited.

One big advantage with Canon is the big market for used gear, which is not the fact for m4/3 gear, at least here in Sweden. So it's not that easy to get cheap used high quakity lenses to my OMD as it was to the 40D. And some of the high quality m4/3 lenses are a bit expensive to my wallet. On the other hand, most ordinary m4/3 lenses are good enough and some of them are real bargains.

As i mentioned i like the retro look of the OMD, but I must admit I miss a good grip. You can attach a battery grip, and then it looks like a small dslr again, only a little more "edgy". Which may attract you. My thoughts, for what it's worth.

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