D800E dust spot issue

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Re: D800E dust spot issue

gl2k wrote:

Kolen wrote:

I actually find a lot of dust on the sensor of my D800E and I send it to the service center. But they didn't admit the issue and they don't clean it for me for free. What should I do?

Because the D600 contains some excessive oil you want a free clean for your D800E. *LOL*

Took me quite a while to recognize that your post is meant in an ironic way.

"The first D800 cameras also had an unusually high amount of oil/dust spots on the sensor and the problem was resolved with later shipments.
Read more on NikonRumors.com: http://nikonrumors.com/2012/11/13/dpreview-confirms-the-dust-spots-on-the-nikon-d600-sensor.aspx/#ixzz2CHRfpGyF"

I never mention D600 in my post. Please read the reference link carefully before you post anything. It doesn't take me any while to recognise that your post is meant in an ironic way. (that you are a kind of person don't like to read but to bs)

And this statement about the oil/dust spots on D800E is not the first time to hear. That's why I'm asking. I am not saying that it must be true. I'm just wondering why I heard it multiple times but the Nikon Service Center don't know/acknowledge it.

But they did acknowledge the left focus issue and checked my D800E and find none. Ironically they find that my D800E is severely missing focus and calibrate that for me.

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