Why no large sensors?

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Re: Why no large sensors?

mikeber wrote:

Apologies if this topic was discussed before:

Since its introduction, Foveon kept its pixel count low (if you disregard the x3 claim). My question is why Sigma doesn't design and manufacture a Foveon sensor with true 24-36M pixels for any of its cameras?

Hi Mike

If it has been discussed before? You bet.

Here are some key issues:

  • The 3-layer Foveon is a pretty new technology, compared to Bayer.
  • Noise is a larger issue with Foveon, hence a limit on pixel size. the CEO of Sigma has said that they do not want the pixels too small, even if they could make them smaller.
  • The number of people researching and improving Fovoen sensors is minimal, compared to Bayer
  • It is genarlly accepted that you can multiply the Foveon pixels by 2 in comparision with Bayer. So the SD1M, DPxMs equals around 30 Megapixels.
  • Sigma just bought Foveon some 4 years ago, and at that time they planned the SD1M, which at announcement was superior to most other Dslrs IQ wise. Unfortunately, delays and pricing (and other specs) prevented it from being a success.
  • Sigma is no doubt working on a FF. I had expected the announcement this fall, but no.
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