Eos M or Micro 4/3

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Re: Eos M or Micro 4/3

The OMD is worth saving up for but the new Pens have equivalent iq, apparently! gx1/2 vs pens?

qksmith wrote:

I am currently and Eos System user with some nice L glass. But am sick of the size. and the disfunctional issues arising from working with the SLR mirror.

So have decided to downsize to a mirrorless system.

I really like the size and function of the GX1 but would really prefer to wait for a GX2 and am slightly put out but the 14-42 pz problems i read about. (otherwise that lens format sounds great) and the cost of the 12-35 OUCH!!

Eos M is familiar to me but it doesnt really excite, particularly with the lack of glass options ATM. and don't even suggest putting EF glass on the eos m. It is a complete waste of glass as you would be using a fraction of the weight of glass and size of lens you carry. plus a crappy adaptor.

So when are we going to see a GX2 or some good Eos M glass. And are the 14-42 pz issues real or is it a good lens.

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