Cameras for left handed people

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Re: How much more would you pay for a "lefty" camera?

John Koch wrote:

Unless your answer is "sky's the limit," there is probably no incentive to make a left-handed camera. The camera industry has hard enough time, these days, making money on models built for righties. If the time comes to sell an old camera, wouldn't it be tougher to peddle one that appeals to only 10% of the second-hand market?

Just the same, I don't see why the right-leaning ergonomics bother people if that is the only way cameras are. I am right-handed, but have always used my left hand for a number of things. It's just custom. If the shutter button were always on the left side of a camera, I supposed I would just gotten used to it, the same way the turn signal lever is always on the left side of the steering wheel and marchers always lead with the left foot. Don't lefties prefer to use the dominant hand to set focus and let the lesser one do dumb stuff like hold the grip and press the shutter?

I agree..

I am left handed for most tasks, but have always shot guns and used cameras right handed, with no problems..In fact I have never  thought of it as an issue until I read this thread.

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