DP1M tripod required.

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Re: DP1M tripod required.

DaveJC wrote:

I just love this camera. BUT after a few strools with it on some nature trails, I have come to believe a tripod or at least a monopod is required to get the scene without camera shake. Granted I am also using a CPL so at ISO 100 my shutter speeds are sometimes getting pretty slow in afternoon light. Used a post to prop the cam on for one shot that came out perfect. Most of the others were wrecked by ever so slight shake from pressing the shutter. Even tried bracing the camera with the strap over my back and arms held tight. Need I mention the wind as another culprit. It is a function of the incredible resolution this camera offers that makes solidity a requirement and not a luxury, at least for me. Do most of you also use supports of some kind or another or am I being too conservative in my settings?

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A similar debate is racing over at the Nikon D800 forum. Some claim that the high resolution require support, some says it do not.

It seems to be consensus, however, that if you print or view at the same size as with another camera, there will be no difference. But if you print large, or peep 100%, you will see more results of bad technique. Because bad technique it is, as many people ARE able to get razor sharp pictures, both with D800/E and DPxMs.

I recall when I bought the SD14, I was shocked at how much unsharp pictures I got from shake. Being used to film, and a heavy Nikon F3 with motor drive, I have always noted that when I got a lighter camera in my hands, it is harder to hold it still. But, I also attributed it to the resolution; so shake would be more visible at pixel level.

Therefore, I ALWAYS use a tripod when shooting non-moving objects with my SD14. If I think, oh no, its too much bother to set up the tripod, the shot is probably not worth taking. I will soon get a D800E, and probably a DPxM, so I do wonder how it will turn out.

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