365+1 Days of NEX-7 - PART III

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Re: 276/365(+1) - Days of NEX-7

DuncanDovovan wrote:

Hahahahaha! I can imagine! I highly respect your perseverance to continue!

Hold on man, you can do it.

Nice dark times are ahead of us! =;-)


A suggestion: Make a picture of something while using your iPad as a softbox. There's even an app for that! =;-) Looking forward to the result.

I already did that in several occasion, like this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7metersundersea/8104853474/

Another challenge: Photograph your watch in an interesting way.

I don't wear any watch since I'm 20... I don't really care much about watches in general...

Or: Make a close up of 2 eyes from 2 faces.

OK, I never thought of this, how do you see it? I mean, should the eyes look into one another, or what?

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