What a great supprise.

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Re: What a great supprise.

I have never had problem with portrait shoot from my various Canon camera. My favourite/the best portrait shooting would be 10D it blew the rest of newer Canon camera out in the water for the best portrait shooting no doubt. 50D still did well but NOT that as good as 10D. While 7D performs a little worse than 50D and 10D which I am not sure why or is that just because Canon keep fiddle with DIGIC in colour setting for skintone/green etc to stuff up with it? I dunno. My dad 5D MKII is pretty good but WB is totally useless as it is too cold and bluey look I would rather only use manual wb for portrait off 5D MKII. 5D MKII is the sharpest I can take with portrait yes but colour not so good as the old 10D imo though. I tried out my sister's Sony A37 and I was shocked to see how good natural portrait skintone comes out it beats Canon by that much. Its without flash too. I think Pentax is pretty strong toward Green/blue and yellow in their colour filter engine so thats the reason why your portrait shot is a bit strong in yellow perhap using manual wb should sort it out though or edit it later on to fix it. Canon indeed can get a bit too red in skin tone sometimes but it can be fixed easily though as well. To be the truth not every camera are perfect. You cannot predict perfect at all its no one perfect. Just do your best take good shot and pick out the best one your happy with it or further editing maybe to make it look better anyway. (Btw for portrait shooting in Canon, I never ever use portrait mode cos its YUCKY! look colours I only use standard or neutral picture style mode thats it).

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