How important is having the same system as your shooting partner?

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Re: For me and my event photo partner - not

Majikthize wrote:

My business partner and I shoot different systems and it's never been an issue. We both already had photo careers and lots of equipment when we teamed up to establish an event photography company. He shoots Nikon D700 & D800 and I shoot Canon 1D3 & 1Ds3. We often work together on an event. We both shoot RAW and process in Aperture, and I'm guessing that is part of the reason why we've never really noticed any color differences. Cameras' JPEG engines can be very different. But, most RAW converters can extract similar looks from various RAW files.

More important is that we've learned from each other and developed similar approaches to lighting and shooting. Sometimes when we look at work we both did at an event from a few years back, we can't even tell which of us shot what without looking at the metadata.

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Exactly. I've hardly ever even talked about the fact ht my partner and I don't use the same system. In some ways it's better as you are not constantly lending and borrowing each other bits and pieces, so when you reach for something, you know where it is .

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