Why I Just Bought an Olympus Four Thirds Camera System

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Re: The Principle of Mutuality (Reciprocity) ...

kendrab wrote:

Many people get quite passionate about their hobbies. photography is no different. The trick is not to let the passion we have for our setup take away from the pleasure someone else has for their setup.

Even with this being very clear, at least to me, from the start, people still get the wrong end of the stick.

I agree, likewise for me, I have to choose equipment based on my budget, which is to all intents and purposes very limited - to the point where other photographers simply don't get it. I have a passion for the hobby, but also realise that life does have other priorities - I have other people in my family and household to consider whenever I spend money. Putting food on the table and paying energy bills simply has to come first.

Of course we have to have life's little pleasures, it's all about 'living', but not at the expense of the basics. I'll spend all I can on my hobby, if it improves the enjoyment of it.

However, like you say, I have no objection whatsoever if others want to spend their money in a different fashion, that's their choice (or maybe it isn't, they might not be able to kerb those impulses to buy).

My own gripe has always been that assumption that we can all choose to buy the latest gear. How often have I been told I have the wrong flash unit? I got an FL36 because that's all I can afford to buy, I know I 'needed' an FL50, but they're 3x the cost. Besides, I only need a full size flash about two or three times a year, and for me the FL36 works sufficiently well for those purposes. Even so, I got a lot of criticism for owning it.

Some may have missed this: I am using photography as a way to enjoy life and challenge my brain after having two strokes about a year ago. Given the odds, I am just glad to be able to engage in photography at all.

Indeed so, well done on that.

By the way, thanks again for all the replies, it really challenged my brain to respond to some of them.

It's been a challenge if you haven't had a stroke!!!

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