SX50/This Thing Could Be Illegal (g)

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Re: SX50/This Thing Could Be Illegal (g)

Monicakm wrote:

HagaWaga wrote:

Not so well known secret of SX50 but if you hit certain combination of a keys AND battery charge is at exactly 89.3452% full then SX50 activates XZ-ray vision. Then you can select how deep it should penetrate so you can see through walls or couple of walls.

The only drawback is that you have battery power for only one shoot and then you have to recharge using Only solar energy. Battery is so smart it can recognize brown from green power source...:-)

Well duh! Of course I knew that. Actually my battery charge was only at 89.3451% and it worked! The image it caught behind the walls of the penthouse might not have been appropriate for forum viewing

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T: You can throw your binocular at the trash can! Over then I was away from the town!

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