Would a Teleconverter help?

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Re: Would a Teleconverter help?

The short answer would be no.

There a many factors that go into IQ with conv.

Many convs are design to work with compatible fast telephoto lenses and really on work a specific series of lenses. I know with my sigma 1.4 & 2 would work extremely well with sigma 300 2.8 but use them on my 200-500 Tamron IQ not so good but if I use my kenko 1.4 on the Tamron 200-500 it way better than the sigma and when I used the kenko on the sigma 300 its performance was poor.

Is there enough light for that TC, anytime you use a TC and have to bump up the ISO you may find better IQ if you simply  shoot at a lower ISO and crop in PS. The simplest way to illustrate this, you have photo that requires you to shoot 200mm ISO 800 at 1/300sec with the addition of 1.4 TC you would have to shoot at iso 1600 to keep that shutter speed. Now what would give you better IQ the photo at iso 800 cropped by 1.4 or the full frame at ISO 1600, my bet would be that they would have similar noise characteristics but the shot at iso 800 would not have the IQ lost to the additional glass of that TC . But this is not always true, sometimes I find having the full MP count with the 1.4 conv can give NR software better control over processing simply because more data was collected, this mainly dependent on the situation of that shot.

There is really no simple answer other than you need the best glass in front of the TC you can afford and find what TC works best with that lens.

One of the cheapest options is a good pair of boots and some planning, most of my work is with a 300mm on a 1.5 cropped body or 400mm on a FF body and I find that’s all the FL I need for most situations ( its the light that I run short on) .

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