Sony 10-18mm f/4 and 16-50mm Samples from NEX 7

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Jim Funston wrote:

Eric, I can't figure out how to download your RAW files I can open it buy all I see is code and can't download them but at $848.00 usd I would of expected results similar to a Tokina 11-16 (which is not great as many often say but is acceptable) on a A mount.

Agreed, but have to figure the Sony name will add to the price (not defending Sony, just how it is).  I would buy it for $600 right away, $850 makes it a hard sell.  The new Samsung 12-24mm f/4-5.6 is going to be $600 US, which seems more inline with the class of lens.  It is a longer range but only f/5.6 at the long end and 20% longer at the wide angle end.

What makes the Sony interesting is that it is OSS.  One of only a couple UWA lenses with OSS.  I think it is a useless feature at this focal length, but a video shooter might disagree.

I do have to ask (but I am sure you most likely have done the N7 update) but is your NEX7 running the current firmware update? If so, I honestly see little difference compared to the samples posted by some after the lens was announced.

Not my NEX, the Sony Rep's, so I didn't have much time to get familiar with it.  Was hard enough for me to even figure out how to use it  That is why I stuck it in RAW to make sure I got straight shots to compare.

I did E-mail my retailer tonight to cancel my pre-order so as to not waste their or my time with this lens. If I am surprised later with other samples or Sony comes out with another firmware update to fix these IQ issues I can always reorder again. From these samples I don't expect a problem finding these lenses due to demand.

Exactly, I think that is a smart move.  It never hurts to wait.

@$848.00usd this lens is tied as the second most expensive lens offered in the Sony E mounts lenses. It should perform as such on all NEX cameras ......... I am truly disappointed after waiting so long for this road mapped lens to appear.

I guess the lens performance doesn't disappoint me too much comparing it to my old Sigmas, but I see how it could disappoint not getting adequate CA performance and distortion performance from it (distortion is probably comparable to original Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 level of mustache).  The Sony is very high in those two aberrations, and I imagine it is because we are moving to digital corrections and it keeps the size and cost down.

Picking up the lens and feeling it, it doesn't feel like an $850 lens, it feels about like a kit lens in build quality (without the wobbly barrel, so a bit better :)).  Again, I see a $600 price as more realistic, but they probably price it at what the market will handle.  Other 10-20 class lenses from Nikon and Canon are priced near $800.

Part of the value issue recently is the companies have been waiting for a long time to correct prices on the US market, and the only time they can usually do that is when they introduce new models. That is what Nikon/Canon do, they up the price with each new model, people generally don't tolerate a 20% price jump on the old model.


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