Do you wish Sony would introduce A+S mode?

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Re: Do you wish Sony would introduce A+S mode?

Philip Corlis wrote:

This is NOT my idea, I read it on this forum, but its so clever I'll try to repeat it here.

Design a camera so aperture, shutter, and/or ISO could be set to manual or automatic mode. Want to control aperture and shutter but let the camera control ISO, want to control shutter and ISO and let the camera control apeture, want to just control ISO? Just set the camera and off you go.

very clever...

That with a minimum shutter speed would make me happy.

I almost have that with my 7 and manual lenses, BUT, Auto ISO stops at 1600, and SS is auto set to 1/60 which is fine for a wide lens like 16mm, but useless for an 85.

And to add insult, the left Navi dial is not used at all.

Maybe the FF NEX will work right.(This and bracketing with a remote)

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