Sony NEX vs Panasonic G series - help please

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Re: Sony NEX vs Panasonic G series - help please

aspiring wrote:

My daughter wants to upgrade from her Canon P&S to a camera that will give better IQ and DOF as well as credible video. She's only 9 and feels the size of a DSLR is likely to mean she uses it less, but is willing to put a smaller interchangeable lens camera on a strap around her neck.

We seem to be narrowing the choice down to a Sony NEX or Panasonic G series, most likely with a pancake lens in the first instance, with a zoom to follow for her birthday. We've had to revisit our budget, and are willing to spend up to $400, though the closer the $300 the better!

We're assuming that we're better off buying a higher-end used older model than a lower-end new model, but would really appreciate your views on this given that we're complete amateurs with a budding young photographer in our midst! Also, thoughts on the merits of Sony versus Panasonic, please.

Have a look at the Panasonic G3. It's considered 'last gen' enough but still has the performance similar to the newer models. I must say the sony bodies are a bit more appealing but they don't offer as many choices in terms of lenses. The best pancake from either brands for DOF control is the 20mm 1.7 and is a very popular even among experienced photogs. If you're on a budget then the 14mm 2.5 is a good choice, much better image quality than the sony pancake.

Panasonic has a much wider range of lenses and are compatible with olympus gear as well. You get a good selection of top quality and small/light lenses. Sony has the best sensors on the market, and the nex 7 has the highest mp count. It's better for getting the most out of old lenses using adapters but within the sony range, there's not many lenses to choose from and they are mostly as big as full sized slr lenses.

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