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Re: OK ALL YOU full frame camera fanatics

bofo777 wrote:

I own a E5 and 50mm macro, 14-35 and 35-100 and have great success in low light conditions with my SMALL sensor.

One would hope -- that setup costs a pretty penny!

The full frame fanatics scream out that my 2.0 is really around 4.0 on their fabulous cameras(a whole 1.5 of badness).

Not "is really" but "is equivalent to":

  • 50mm f/2 on 4/3 (mFT) is equivalent to 100mm f/4 on FF.
  • By "equivalent to", I mean that it results in the same AOV (diagonal angle-of-view) and aperture (entrance pupil) diameter:  50mm / 2 = 100mm / 4 = 25mm.
  • The same perspective (subject-camera distance), AOV, aperture diameter, and display size results in the same DOF (and diffraction softening).
  • The same aperture diameter and shutter speed (usually attained by upping the ISO two stops on FF) results in the same motion blur as well as total light falling on the sensor.
  • The same total light falling on the sensor results in the same noise if the sensors are equally efficient (less noise if the sensor is more efficient, more noise if the sensor is less efficient).
  • Other elements of IQ, such as resolution, bokeh, flare resistance, etc., as well as elements of operation, such as AF speed/accuracy, size, weight, etc., are not covered in this use of the term "equivalent".

I am thinking on buying a Lieca D Summilux f1.4. for my sub par (according to DPREVIEW) E5 but what does it mean--will the f1.4 finally be the same or one half stop away from the full frame 2.8 HOLY GRAIL. Oh my God I can't take it. AMEN

Did DPR really call the E5 "subpar"?  Tsk, tsk.  It's an excellent camera, from what I've seen and read.  In any case, the 25 / 1.4 is a nice lens to add to your collection for sure.  It will produce photos very similar to (but not exactly the same as) 50mm f/2.8 on FF when used wide open, and you may find the extra stop, not to mention the smaller size and weight, over the 14-35 / 2 at 25mm f/2 to be worth the trade of the ability to zoom, on many occasions.

Enjoy your gear!

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