Sony 10-18mm f/4 and 16-50mm Samples from NEX 7

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Re: Hard call.

viking79 wrote:

Ed Rizk wrote:

I'd like to see some more scenic shots, but I think I woud be giving up some quality replacing my Canon 10-22. That mustache thing really gets to me on first impression. I would still like to give up the bulk of the DSLR, but I may wait for closer to what I have in quality. Unrealistic?

There are always tradeoffs. This small sized lens, fairly large aperture, short flange distance probably all lead to its performance. Also, people need to remember that the NEX 7 is very demanding on lenses and performs best with SLR lenses that are further from the sensor due to the small pixel pitch. It is a 24 MP APS-C sensor. This will suffer at the corners with a short flange lens like this, to the point it might suffer more on the NEX 7 then say on one of the 16 MP sensors like the 6 or 5N, etc.

Mustache distortion is not uncommon in this class of lens. I imagine it is there because they wanted to get corner performance higher?

Anyone who doesn't like these samples should probably wait until more samples are released for other bodies. I only had a few minutes with the lenses and bodies so I couldn't get more thorough scenic shots etc.

Honestly, for my own use this lens would be fine. Sure, it is pricey, but that is typical for name brand lenses. Considering the 16-50mm is $350, the 10-18mm is probably priced in a similar manner.

My suggestion is download my files, do any necessary corrections on them, and even consider resampling them to 16 MP to be more like other cameras. They might be fairly decent then (corners at 10mm f/4 will still be soft)


Hi Eric, indeed thanks for doing the work, but down sampling the 24Mp to 16Mp is misleading.

I have several lenses that are smeared in the corners on the 7, but shape up nicely on the 5N, and now the 6 too.

Neither down sampling nor lens profile corrections can recover this on the 7.

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