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Re: The Principle of Mutuality (Reciprocity) ...

John King wrote:

Very well said, Kendra.

We can afford to spend whatever we like on our individual interests. The primary reason why we can do this is precisely because we have both always been frugal, but not mean to the point of being lousy.

As these habits of a lifetime are still there, we tend to splash on books and the like, but otherwise live pretty simply.

My wife has taken over my E-510 kit. Her diploma in ceramics course required a unit of photography, and it has rekindled her interest in it.

This led to me buying her a decent monitor for her computer, as the existing one was old, and could no longer accept reasonable calibration done to the video card - it actually looked better uncalibrated than calibrated! So she ended up with what I have, an ASUS PA246Q that supports about 98% of the aRGB colour space - IPS panel, 24.6", 12 bit colour LUT, HDMI/DVI-I/d-sub 15 inputs. The panel itself is 10 bit. Someone took it apart and it is apparently made by Samsung (surprise, surprise), and is probably the same guts as the 24.6" Eizo that has the same specs, and is very, very similar in looks and depth. The Eizo costs $2,145 here, and the latest ASUS cost me $539 ...

She is over the moon. I could have replaced the entire guts of her PC tower with a new MoBo, CPU, RAM and Video card for about the same. She can put up with the somewhat slow PC, She couldn't have used that old monitor for what she needs to do.

So, as you have stated so well, and clearly, these things often require us to make choices as to what is more important to us, individually.

When I "upgraded" to the E-30, I was very specific in what I was looking for. I also looked very hard at the Nikon D300 (also a very fine camera, IMNSHO), but decided that the E-30 provided me with better balance as a whole for what I wanted to do. Other people can and do make other choices. Hopefully they do that carefully and thoughtfully, and end up being happy with their choices that they have made for them.

What irritates me is when some other people wish to be highly critical of the choices made by others. We have several examples of just such behaviour in this thread alone. If this were to occur in a normal social situation, the offenders would be seen off in a fairly blunt manner. They also have a tendency to becoming extremely offended if anyone is even slightly critical of their choices ... Seems to breach the ethical principle of mutuality , if you ask me ...

That reference states at the end:

"So for example, in the friendship context, reciprocation means to give or take mutually but not necessarily equally. It means to care for each other, to be responsive and supportive and in tune with each other as friends. Reciprocation can be responsive or initiative. Without reciprocation the imbalance will destine the friendship to fail."

I wholeheartedly agree.

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Many people get quite passionate about their hobbies. photography is no different. The trick is not to let the passion we have for our setup take away from the pleasure someone else has for their setup.

Some may have missed this: I am using photography as a way to enjoy life and challenge my brain after having two strokes about a year ago. Given the odds, I am just glad to be able to engage in photography at all.

By the way, thanks again for all the replies, it really challenged my brain to respond to some of them.


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