A99 w/studio strobes sync issues?

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Greg Beetham
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Re: A99 w/studio strobes sync issues?

CodySLC wrote:

OldClicker wrote:

Connect a Sony flash via the PCSync port and show the bar and I will beleive. Otherwise, you've proved nothing other than that you equipment has a delay. - TF

OK TF, here you go. I don't have a Sony flash, but rather a Sony compatible Sigma (with the Minolta hotshoe). It is the same one that I originally used to show that 1/250 works fine on-camera when triggered by the Sony-specific pins in the hotshoe. It does not have a sync port, but I have connected a hotshoe adapter that provides a sync port, and hooked it to the A99 that way.

Do you believe now?

In every test I think (unless I’ve missed something) so far that when the camera is fully interfaced with an oem flash there is no problem with 1/250sec sync, but there is when the camera isn’t using an oem flash or one that isn’t fully interfaced (triggered without camera full interface). That seems to infer that there is a special relationship of some kind with an oem flash when 1/250sec sync is used.

Either the oem flash is supplying a flat duration flash pulse that covers the slightly not fully open shutter during that cycle or there are two versions of 1/250sec shutter speed, one at high speed cycle time (high stress shutter action with shutter fully open at 1/250sec) and one at normal time, (normal 1/200sec cycle time but shutter not fully open at 1/250sec setting), the high speed cycle time (shutter fully open at the moment of triggering at 1/250sec sync) is only used when the camera ‘knows’ that it has been asked to produce it.

That’s my take on it so far.


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