D600: wait until Nikon fix sensor-dust & black-border issues

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Couple comments:

a) The D800 had oil spot issues too. Went through it myself. Luckily, once I've been through that phase of the cameras life, and cleaned the sensor, I haven't seen it again, and I've put a LOT of frames on the body since then. Sensor cleaning will need to occur if you change lenses, with any camera. Making a purchasing decision based on this aspect is IMO somewhat idiotic. It just ain't that big a deal. Most likely it's a phase in the D600's early life where there is some extra lubricant getting on the sensor, and it's also quite likely that Nikon will address it via a silent update to the D600 internals. These days whenever you buy any brand new DSLR, from any brand, you're taking chances on teething pains. I don't like it, but that's the way it is, so I deal with it. Certainly I'd rather have my D800E with it's unbelievable file quality even if I have to limit my choices of AF sensors (until I get it fixed) and clean the sensor a bit more in order to get to that level of quality. I wouldn't know what I was missing if I had ran scared of it's issues.

b) The curent Canons (5D mk III, etc) are simply better for video. The current Nikons are better for still. Thus, since video is important to you, I would say that this aspect (unlike the sensor cleaning aspect) might very well be a significant thing in your purchasing decision.

To me, it sounds honestly like the 5D III is your camera. While I am a still shooter only and have a definite and clear preference for Nikon in that realm, if I were a lottery winner and could afford parallel systems, I'd get a Canon 1DX for it's AF and a 5D III for it's general purpose suitability and to cover the rare times I might get video, and for a couple Canon lenses that Nikon doesn't have.


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