Why I Just Bought an Olympus Four Thirds Camera System

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You're still right

As I stated in an earlier post, based on your needs and budget, I think you made a very smart purchase.

And I don't think you made any mistakes at all.

The 12-60mm is in many ways a better lens than the 14-54mm. Yes, it costs more, but it has a greater range on both ends, delivers outstanding sharpness, and it eliminates the need for a wide angle lens. I spent a lot more than what you paid for your lens by buying my 14-54mm plus 11-22mm lenses (and note... I already had the 9-18mm lens)!

So it really depends on how often you shoot wide angle, and how wide you need to go. For someone who wants an occasional 12mm shot for landscape and architecture, the 12-60mm is the ideal lens to own.

The teleconverter is another story. This works best with long lenses, especially the 50-200mm, 150mm, 300mm and 90-250mm lenses, and is almost a must have accessory for anyone with those lenses. Since you don't have those lenses you probably won't use it much... BUT if you got it for a good enough price you can always sell it off and come out ahead. So what you think was a mistake might turn out to be a good investment.

The FL50R is a similar case. It really is much better than the FL36. It's more powerful, and it can be triggered by remote. If you are into flash photography, you will be glad you got that strobe. If you aren't, you can always sell it. So it just depends on how good of a bargain you got. You could end up ahead on that too.

Using strobes is a entire hobby unto itself. Some folks are really good at it. I'm not, and I don't even own a strobe. But they are nice to have for indoor event photography.

I really think you will love that camera and lens combination.

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