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ZoranC wrote:

digitalcuriosity wrote:

ZoranC wrote:

tron555 wrote:

Can you show any images in a side by side comparison taken from the G15 that clearly show superior IQ or sharpness over the P7700, in either JPEG or RAW, I have not seen any yet?

Good question

Having a faster lens is nice, but having one that allows sharper, more detailed images is MUCH better, IMO.

... especially if VR is so good that it makes up for, or exceeds, difference in speed.

I still think a lot of you posters are forgetting just what the Canon G15 was designed and is. A simple high quality point and shoot camera. Nothing less and nothing more.

I am not sure how to interpret your statement. Please care to elaborate what exactly you mean by it? Because we are here evaluating _results_ from G15, results are only things that matter, marketing slogans don't. Will your statement make any difference in final result? Will it make them any better?

And I really have no idea what you mean by evaluating results. You see something you snap it's picture. You like it or you do not like it. Simple as that. So this is the final results.

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