Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

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Re: Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

danijel973 wrote:

fucile wrote:
When it becomes virtually impossible to change the battery on your laptop, then you really are committed to a two to three year machine. That really sucks. I'll wait to see what you think of your Air in two or three years.

Well, I use it for year and a half now, if I remember correctly, and the battery diagnostics report 1.8 years of battery age, 185 cycles and 91.3% capacity relative to new, which is not that bad at all. And when the battery falls below acceptable levels I'll just order a new one, either from ebay (together with a torx screwdriver) or from the local Apple store which will replace it for me when it arrives. It's not such a hugely different deal from what I would have with any other laptop, except that elsewhere I wouldn't have to see the laptop's guts just to change the battery. But I'm not the type who would carry a spare with me anyway so this is not a problem. The glued-in battery in the retinabook, however, is a problem for me since I have no idea on how they plan to actually change it. They probably change the touchpad as well, which sounds suspiciously like the admission of the touchpad's useful life not being longer than the battery's.

I admit I am concerned by the low repairability of Apple's computers because I am used to performing my own repairs and upgrades and don't like being dependent on anyone.

And 2 out of three Macs that I have had to have the HDD replaced because it FAILED within two years of purchase (not for FUN reasons at all).

Shock or overheating?

I wish I knew. They just died with very little warning. I know that Apple had recalls of certain hard disks, but my serial numbers didn't fall in the range.

It's also quite annoying that most all of the reliability issues with Apple computers are resolved via class action lawsuits because Apple is so reluctant to admit there is anything actually wrong.

Yes, their public image is that "nothing ever goes wrong with a mac", which is just incredible knowing they put the generic off-the-shelf components into their machines. How a WD or Seagate HDD would be more reliable in a Mac than in a Lenovo or a HP, I have no idea.

There are recalls, lawsuits & judgments on many Apple computer components. HDD's, Video Cards, the magsafe connectors, and so on. How they manage to maintain this "nothing ever goes wrong" aura is beyond me.

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