5D3 and an original 580ex flash. not working so well

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Re: 5D3 and an original 580ex flash. not working so well

SwampYankee wrote:

New owner of a 5D3. When I use my original 580 EX I it only takes decent flash pictures on full Auto. Even then I am stuck with best guess focus and the widest aperture of the lens I am using. If I try TV or P it under exposes by about 3 stops. If I try AV it seems to ignore the flash entirely. Flash will fire, but exposure is based on the pre-existing light conditions. Also, on AV, my 24-105 will only shoot wide open. Changing the aperture simple does not work. Flash does can not be controlled by the in camera functions. Is all of this normal and I need to buy a new flash?

I'm having weird issues with my 430EX. I'm thinking my flash went bad, but need to experiment before deciding for sure what's going on with it.

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