Don't you just love Amazon?

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Re: Don't you just love Amazon?

Mouser wrote:

It sounded as if the committee wasn't satisfied with a tax return. Was this an audit? There was talk of after-tax profit so it's clear that tax was paid. Are they challenging that? One gets the These companies appear to be "exporting" their profits back to the parent company in the US (where they would presumable pay less tax). How do they do this? By having the UK subsidiary pay the US parent company for licenses, marketing, fees, product costs or other spurious items which just happen to bring the profits in the UK down to zero. Nice trick, which means that these companies pay little or no taxes in the UK (other than payroll taxes removed at source or VAT on goods sold by them).

Amazon UK is actually registered in Luxembourg, for crysake! They do their business here in UK, but don't pay their taxes here. That is wrong. No doubt we will be putting this matter to rights before long.
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