ARGHHHH - A second Elinchrom BXRI-500 bit the dust

Started Nov 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP Jack A. Zucker Veteran Member • Posts: 3,539
Re: ARGHHHH - A second Elinchrom BXRI-500 bit the dust

Nikonparrothead wrote:

Jack, just saw this. Hope thins work out. I like my 600 RXs but it's doubtful I do as much in a given day as you do (and I know not with the same frequency).

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Working with elinchrom to try to figure out why the thermal protection is not kicking in. One thing that is a design flaw IMO is that the light bulb socket is plastic. Even the threads are plastic. So when it gets hot, the threads melt. I have the feeling that the plastic acts as an insulator and melts before the thermal circuitry can detect the temperature. At that point, it probably melts the leads ...

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