OK ALL YOU full frame camera fanatics

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Some understand, some don't

It's unfortunate that not everyone can understand when and why a particular format can have a particular advantage in a particular situation.

This goes for both sides, 4/3 and 35mmFF.

Many people are book smart, i.e. they can read forums, do research, and understand​ why​ the numbers add up the way they do.  There is also a subset who don't understand the technicalities and numbers, and therefore truly don't understand why the numbers add up the way they do.  And that's fine.  Both people in both categories spit out random facts and random experiences and try to justify their use of a particular format in a way that conveniently ties their system together.

And then there are people who don't care about the numbers, but care about the photos, and those people come in two flavors as well.  Those that produce photos and never look at the grass on the other side (and that's ok), and those that produce photos and realize the way they're doing it just isn't efficient.  The latter subset have a justified cause and argument, but there are still those from the other categories that are too stubborn to accept it.  And by stubborn I mean refusing to acknowledge a truth, and continuing in their way simply because it's their way.

Anyway, there's benefits to both 4/3 and 35mmFF systems, and while the gap is drastically closing in some areas, the gap is drastically widening in others.  And there's also a gap that doesn't change simply because it's physics.


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