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What does an award say. At the end it is always about your own opinion. What is the critera of the test? Nikon is a brand in cameras with a big reputation. But live goes on and development in cameras as well. Critera should change as well. Wenn I see the image of a Nikon and I compare it with the A99 image, for me it is a big difference. When I use my Samsung PS64D8000 with a full silver hdmi cable from Audioquest the difference in dynamic is huge between these two brands. You would be blind if you would not see it. Even for free I would not want to use the Nikon D600. Why? It is for me ( yes it is always personal) very simple why the A99 is better. It is sharper, colours are stronger and the ove rwhole it is a lot more dynamic. You need a screen what can show it to you. When I would do the test I never could give the Nikon ( I used Nikon for over 6 years) an golden award. Because I am aware of the less dynamic colours and less depth compared to the A99. I am a person who is always only interested in the best at the moment. Brand I really don't care. I want the best. I want maximum emotion in my image and in my video. At this moment only a Sony A99 can do this. Sometimes things are very simple in life!

How are you viewing these pictures? Are they out of picture jpegs? How was your tv calibrated? I have the same tv calibrated with both a spectro and tristimulus color analyser. However, for photos, i prefer my wide gamut monitor which is calibrated to adobe rgb standard. Srgb is just too narrow for me to appreciate color saturation and DR. However, if a99 ticks all the right boxes for you, who is another person to say something to the contrary? Enjoy it as much as you can

Tomorrow I will send an email to someone who own's a Nikon D800. He works for Nikon here in the Netherlands. I want to do a shoot with him against the A99. With a tripod. I will send the pictures to Dpreview. I hope to inform you soon.

What I do is watching high resolution pictures (6000x4000) with the Diamond hdmi. Just buy it, it gives you so much more information of pictures and videos. Black are a lot more black, 3D in a picture has more depth with this cable. I save pictures of cameras in high resolution and watch these on my Samsung plasma. After some time you see a pattern. You realize that there is a big difference in how A sony 99 makes a picture compared to a Nikon. Nikon pictures are good. But it never blows me away as the A99 does. I will invite some people with Nikon D800 to show them what dynamic and 3d in a picture is.

Nonsense. HDMI is digital, if the image is changing as a result of your cables, then you have faulty cables.

Secondly, Dynamic and 3D is all about the combination of camera, lens, post processing and photographer. Unless you are taking identical photos under identical conditions and processing them to the same output, then you are just comparing random photos that you like based on a bias or preference for one camera over another.

I do consulting in sound and vision. I do tests in cables for over 14 years. Wenn you have the experience level I have then you understand. For those who think digital cables are all the same should wash there mouth. First compare and then talk. There is still a big difference in dynamics in Sony and Nikon. This can been seen very easilly. It has nothing to do about prefference. A camera has it or has it less. It is that simple!

Maybe you should wash your mouth, as it is you who is propagating nonsense and leading others astray.

The purpose of a HDMI cable is to deliver the image "AS IS" straight from the source. If you are seeing differences in cables, then the cables are "faulty" - simple as that (personally I believe you are just imagining things - if not, prove it with double blind testing). Afterall, how does a dumb device like a HDMI cable know how to improve the image pray tell? How does it know you like your pictures with Unsharp mask turned up a notch, with saturation dialed up, or a different tone curve? The answer is - it does not. So again, if the image from your beloved HDMI cable surpasses that of the other cable, then either the other cable or your preferred cable is faulty as it is not doing it's job.

It would be like saying: "buy car A because it can do 60km/h faster than car B can do 60km/h" which is nonsense because 60km/h is 60km/h and if they differ, then you are likely comparing via speedo instead of measuring actual speed and car A is underestimating the speed.

BTW, do you also believe that with a "superior USB cable" attached to my camera that it would improve the "quality" of the pictures that I transfer across? Or that if I buy a super duper ethernet cable, that the images I upload to the internets would look heaps better? Because that is exactly the hogwash you are spouting when you spread your nonsense.

As for camera "moxy", again... comparing cameras with same/similar sensors it is down to the individual, the settings, the scene, the lens etc. if you can't spend 5 minutes setting up your gear to produce the result you want, then you should just say so instead of making up some nonsense that a camera has some innate ability to add depth and dynamism to a photo that a human being takes when pressing the shutter release. What you are preaching is like saying that a camera somehow has the ability to "see" for you and magically whispers in your ear the precise moment to press the shutter.

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