Any comparisons of EM5 vs G5 in pure IQ terms?

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Re: Any comparisons of EM5 vs G5 in pure IQ terms?

Okay so I posted the DXO numbers but let me offer my subjective assessment:

I've shot fairly substantially with both the GH2 and the EM5. The EM5 IQ is better in practically every measure, and in ways that are much more difficult to measure. For example, it generates a far more even handed noise pattern that doesn't tend to splotch or color cast. The splotching and discoloration is what makes GH2 high ISO shots so unappealing. So on simple SNR measures, the EM5 looks moderately better than the GH2. But when you actually look at the images, something else happens: you can leave more noise in the EM5 image, rather than trying to NR the bajeezus out of it. I've been using EM5 shots at 12800 with the Lightroom luma noise reduction set to 25 or even lower. The results are noisy but in a way that can work well for certain kinds of shots.

The dynamic range issue is well discussed here but what it comes down to is fairly simple: the EM5 holds shadow detail much better, and Olympus underexposes by one stop and boosts it back in the RAW processor. Combined with a very nice rolloff curve (whether it's the JPEGs or ACR's raw curve) gives the light to shadows ramp a very filmic look as well. This is a neat trick on Olympus' part.

Lastly, the EM5 color rendition is just better, even in raw. I'm not sure exactly what's going on with this one.

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