What do you do when travelling is not an option???

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Re: What do you do when travelling is not an option???

Nice work Gwynn - much enjoyed.

For the OP: I have tried some similar work with vintage toys - electric trains, tin trucks and the like.Though I have never taken it this far. Most often I stick to a more literal style.

The secret, IMO, is to find a subject that interests you, or perhaps a technique. Although my favorite subject is people still life for me is a close second. Most of mine are done on a folding table in my living room using a large window for light. I can happily spend an afternoon, sometimes 2 or 3 afternoons, on a single subject -- moving back and forth between shooting and computer, working out composition, lighting, exposure and post processing.

I do mostly rusty bits of metal picked up off the ground - car parts, crushed tin cans, lost or discarded tools - but also more conventions subjects including flowers, sea shells and glassware.

I do a lot of focus stacking for extra depth of field and also some blending for smoother tones. Plus making full use of the color and tonal controls in Photoshop.

Can't promise it would work for you, but doesn't cost much to try.

This is an old and out of date gallery, but it gives an idea of what I do:



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