Why I Just Bought an Olympus Four Thirds Camera System

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Re: You're right

My intent of starting this thread was to illustrate why a camera system that some people have moved away from as a higher performance option can become very attractive to others who just want a decent camera with enough functionality to learn photography at a reasonable price.

I put forward my own system as an example of an adequate tool set to learn the main aspects of photography with, and pointed out "non-current" D-SLR cameras from other manufacturers were also suitable. I also mentioned that prices were heavily discounted when avaialble (some systems sell out fast in the clearance aisles).

There are some really great cameras and lenses out there; some of my friends have systems that cost 10x what mine does. I am not "against" any of the higher end systems, I just question their value to a person just wants to learn the fundamentals ofphotography, and has limited funds to do so. In fact, if I could afford it, I would probably have gotten a Nikon D3s that a friend had for sale (he got upgrade fever too, and now has a new Nikon D800E).

If a person decides to take up the photography habit, wants to learn how to do it right, and has a limited budget to do so, we should be able to recommend something better than camera phones or point and shoot cameras, but less expensive than the 20+ MP full frame cameras the salespersons are steering them towards. If we don't make the suggestion as fellow photography enthusiasts, who will?

I made a number of mistakes with my own system, even though I had a pretty clear idea of what was necessary:

1) I could have gotten a used 14-54mm lens instead of the 12-60mm lens I did get. It would have meant shopping on eBay, but doing so would have saved money.

2) I never actually intended to get the FL-50R flash. I was thinking more about the FL-36R version, but when the used FL-50R flash became available, I used the excuse the "price was too good" to turn down.

3) I should have never bothered with the TC-14 tele-convertor, but it was "brand new". Never mind the seller said he never found a use for it. I could have picked up a used 50mm Macro lens for similar money, and would have gotten a lot more use from it.

4) I blew my budget that was for a camera setup, printer and computer upgrade on just the camera setup. Net result? I am going to be eating Kraft Macaroni and Cheese until Christmas, and will have to suffer with my 15" LCD monitor until my birthday in March. But at least I can't say I didn't know better.


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