Canon G12 problem, buttons and zoom don't respond - camera frozen?

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Re: Canon G12 problem, buttons and zoom don't respond - camera frozen?

I sent mine to Canon for fixing last week and collected back yesterday. They have replaced the entire top cover it seems. well, it is working now but let see the intermittent freeze will revisit.

By the way i also send to the customer care , to the helpdesk guy who attended my call -  this discussion thread. This is to prove to Canon that this problem is very common for this model. Customers services were all it is left whether the 'top cover' replacement helps.

Earlier few months, i wonder how my camera lense kind of have a small bubble raptured. I send for repair, they rpeplaced  the lense as well. Fortunately for both times, it is still under warranty.  Hmm...more delicate then my pet dog.

Maybe you guys should do the same especially if your camera still running under wanrranty? Also suggest you sent them this link. I figured that because the problem is intermittent and they may not note down exactly what are the issues, at least accurate enough for technician. Hence, technician may not understand the severity nor they are able  to simulate  the same situation under same environment (room tempreature and all). So i kind of sent them this link, to request for change whatever parts needed, no need to simulate. the problem is real and is worldwide! ..and if they dont get it solve, this thread will grow longer and longer!

Ok all the best and thanks all for sharing!

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