Astoundingly good GH3 first hard data comparison

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Re: Astounding, and poorly done

Tim F 101 wrote:

Set aside the unbelievable numbers that micro chip presents for the D800, which makes you wonder about their entire review process. Why would they test the OM-D with the Olympus 17mm? They might as well save even more money and test it with the body cap lens instead. It makes no sense to use different lenses with (vastly) different quality and different angles of view when they could just try the 20mm on each.

These guys are screwing around. As a GH2 user I'm confident that the GH3 will be awesome. But D800 awesome? No. Zero chance. None.

Probably just a half-baked/half-bricked D800!

Yeah, strange in their lens choices - 20/1.7 for the GH3, 17/2.8 for the OMD (the center is not bad, where I assume they measure), and the questionable 14-42 for the GH2 in their <1000 Euros comparison.

The DCI site showed more questionable results, comparing the GH3 to X-Pro1, NEX-7, 5dIII, and OMD. Reading their rough bar graph, the Panny was a bit over 10, NEX next at a bit over 9, 5dIII about 8.7, the Fugifilm just over 8, and the poor little OMD dragging the bottom at about 6.7. Go figure! They called GH3's DR "quite good", a bit of an understatement in light of their own numbers!

Triangulating the data so far, we have two sites reporting exceptional DR numbers from the GH3, and veteran National Geo. photog Ira Block calling the DR "astounding" in his "big print -little sensor" Utah video commissioned by Panasonic. I think we can safely put the DR question to rest - something us G & GH shooters have good reason to be gun-shy about - at least in JPG mode.

The EVF distortion is my main concern - it simply has to be corrected and as usable for eyeglass wearers as is the GH2. And somewhere over the rainbow, will focus peaking be found in the firmware?


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