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Cane wrote:

What are you going to do when you've distributed everything and it hasn't solved anything? Answer that!

'Distributing everything' causes its own problems, that’s communism... not a good idea.

But what needs solving in the US? Seriously? The US has more of its citizens in prison than any nation on Earth. Does that sound like any land of liberty you know of? Where do you think that comes from, a super capable police force and justice system hard on crime or a society under pressure?

You want to make government more hands off... ok... how about do away with public education and make it all private? That would lower taxes, and that’s good, right? Its a logical extension of right thinking.

But do you think such a thing would make things better for your society or worse? That’s essentially the base idea of social thinking, the idea that if certain things are left to their own independent economic devices within a society it creates inequalities fundamental enough to damage the society.

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