Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

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Re: Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

fucile wrote:

When it becomes virtually impossible to change the battery on your laptop, then you really are committed to a two to three year machine. That really sucks. I'll wait to see what you think of your Air in two or three years.

This is incorrect because the time horizon is being assumed using outdated data. Most laptop batteries, including older Mac batteries, were roughly 350-cycle batteries. They did die after 2-4 years.

But the unibody built-in batteries are rated for 1000 cycles, almost 3x a typical battery. Apple got rid of the thickness of the removable battery bay and safety enclosure in part so that they could make room for more cells and get to 1000 cycles.

1000 cycles means it will not be dead after the 3-4 years of a 350-cycle battery, but 3x that. This makes ALL the difference. It means that most of these 1000 cycle batteries will still hold a reasonable amount of charge well before the user freely chooses to upgrade to a newer machine, since the battery should still be doing well after 5 years.

I was a bit skeptical myself, but my own battery has now been through 114 cycles, which is about of the third of the way through to the death of a typical laptop battery.

But after 114 cycles, my battery health is reading at 98%. I'm impressed.

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Oh, there is one more thing. The first MacBook Airs were released in January 2008. If you were correct, we should now be hearing reports of mass battery deaths. If you were correct. But I think we're hearing...crickets.

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