Looking for a travel tripod

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Re: Looking for a travel tripod

travel tripod at 16k in the Andes

This question comes up regularly in this and other forums and there is simply no good answer anyone else can give without knowing what you are REALLY after.  How light is light - 1 lb, 3 lbs, 5?  How small - small enough to fit into a 22" rollaboard suitcase at an angle with the head off, pocket sized, backpack, etc.?  What do you intend to mount on it - K01, SLR body with kit lens or with a 500mm behemoth?  And, most important, what do you intend to shoot - 30 second time lapse in windy conditions, macros, occasional shots where hand-held won't do but not over, say, 1 second exposure?  The questions, their answers, and the resultant product options are virtually unlimited.

So, with that, here's my little travel rig: Slik Sprint Pro legs with a Manfrotto 484RC2 ballhead.  Weights just over 2 lbs, rated to 8.8 lbs legs and head, under 20" including head, will extend to at least my height (I'm 6'), and cost me around $135 a few years back.  Its been to 18,000' in Peru and Nepal, shot with a Bigma from a sand chair on Kauai, and is always attached to my backpack.  It is light enough to take virtually anywhere (I do) and infinitely better than no tripod.  I've shot long exposures, but with the legs shortened and suspended weight.  If this is your cup of tea, find legs that do what you want and a light head to go with it - every repuatble mfg. has ratings for their products.

Good luck in your search.

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