Say goodbye to Eygpt's Pyramids and Sphinx

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Re: How?

Adimeer Judta wrote:


Adimeer Judta wrote:

With the sort of explosives that Taliban has at their disposal I can't see them making more than a small dent in a structure consisting of 5-10 ton stone blocks. And someday in the future when these philistines acquire small atomic bombs from Iran they won't want to waste it on a pile of stone. Too many infidels to kill.


YOU still didn't respond to my PM message with regard the Ferry from Haifa to Cyprus.

I'm just curious as to why it doesn't operate anymore.

On sabbatical with some of my post docs - I'll be sure to respond when I return. Love Cyprus. Your question surprised me. I will find out.

Yeah, I really like Cyprus too.

However, hasn't retained it's antiquity and heritage like Greece has.

Whilst Greece still has a lot of very historical, quaint, old, lovely coastal towns & cities (ie Corfu Town, Rhodes, Chania, Hydra, etc)...that are still completely intact...(and that have a wonderful local ambiance).....Cyprus, on the other-hand (especially in the southern Greek part)....only has a few bits n pieces of such places, and most of it's ancient heritage n cities have been lost.

I'm not exactly sure why...but Greece has very much retained it's traditional heritage & Greekness....whereas, Cyprus has taken on this rather brassy, modernistic persona.

The UK package tourism doesn't help much in that regard either.

Aside the old (walled) part of Nicosia, I don't think there is one other town on the island that has actually maintained the "old city" quarter, streets, etc.



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