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Re: If you would have to choose only 2 (Glasses) - FX.....

rorschach2012 wrote:

Hi all,
I've been on these forum for a long time.........Never created an account or posted anything b'coz I was able to find all information I ever looked for. I used canon powershot for a long time and been using my sister's old EOS T3 kit.....She upgraded to 7D and I think I too want to do so. I really like D600 and D7000. As far as my knowledge and experience go, to be honest D7000 (7D both equally good) is more suitable for my needs. But since my budget permits (well, wife thinks I should now have a better camera and she wants to give me a b'day gift), I want to go D600 (FX) route.

I do not own any glasses...(Well yeah T3 kit lense). I can go ahead an order a kit lense that comes with d600..........But I want you experts to give me your input if I should get a better lense over a kit lense to awake inner photographer monster (may be).

IF You..........IF you really have to have only 2 (two) lenses for ALL your needs (Travel/Landscape, ptraits, sports, macro), what lenses would you pick on a budget. (I say budget because I just don't want ppl to go crazy and suggest $3k-$5k lenses)

About me:
I am not a pro. I shoot mostly travel/architecture, family events (friends/family potraits), Wildlife (Zoo and parks), Racing and highschool soccer/nba games. I've tried with t3 kit lense to play with macro as religiously as I couuld but limitations as you know.

I've searched through many forums. I found threads on lenses for D700 and D800 but since the D600 is fairly new.....Not many convincing threads.I apologize if there is already thread on this topic and I've missed it. I am sure, your input will answer many other amateur/semi-pro photographers who want to jump in to FX cameras.

Also, feel free to convice me to not just rob my wife's bank account and get the 7D/D7000/D300s instead.

Thank you in advance for your input and time.

If only 2, then I'd say a 24-70 f2.8 and a 100-300 f4. The gap between 70 and 100mm isn't going to be too meaningful, the 100-300 will provide more reach (as opposed to a 70-200), and you can use extension tubes with the 100-300 for macro shooting. Those two should cover all of your general photography needs. Sigma made a nice 100-300 f4, if you can find a used one in good shape (unfortunately discontinued). Nikon is probably going to make one again soon (patent for one showed up on Nikon Rumors a while back). The 24-70, of course, is available from a few sources.

My $0.02

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