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Re: They had one camera....

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

Gosman wrote:

I agree completely, there may be a small number of affected cameras, but at the same time I wouldn't come to the conclusion that it is a wide spread issue. There are MANY people reporting zero issues, and of course most people don't report at all. I know of at least 5 D600's locally that do not have the issue, 6 including my own, and a large local camera store has told me they have not had a single return or complaint regarding dust/oil (they have sold hundreds if not thousands of D600's). Maybe it was one small batch or something.

This is the same kind of "head in the sand" mentality we have seen with the D800 left focus problem!

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More than one Nikon rep has told me that only 2% of D800/E had the issue compared to total production numbers. I have also heard that figure from my local camera store along with other places.

Next have a look at Thom Hogan's findings. In the hundreds and hundreds of emails he received, he said fewer than 20% had legitimate or verifiable issues, suggestion people were both paranoid and getting inconclusive results due to poor testing methods.

Now, one look on the forums and a newcomer might think 90% of D800's were affected, or get the impression that you'd be lucky to find one without the issue. Obviously, that is hardly the case.

Is the D800 AF issue real? Yes, absolutely, and I sympathize with those affected. Is it as widespread as some forums would have you believe? Definitely not.

The only people with their head in the sand are those who see DPreview as representing 100% of camera sales, thinking all these complaints amount to any significant number of units whatsoever. That illusion is created because people only come here to complain not to say "hey guys my camera is perfect". Yes, the issues are real. Yes, they affect some people. Yes, they should be fixed, but do they affect most users, or even a significant majority? Definitely not. I can't think of any consumer product in existence where they don't have 1 or 2 % defective units. It sucks for people who get them, but that's just a fact of product ownership and why warranties exist.

That's all I'm saying here. I'm not denying any issue, just that the actual severity of the issue and what the forum bandwagon would have you believe are extremely different.


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