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Re: LX3 Raw VS Jpg

There`s usually a difference and you can sometimes see it in a full blown side by side comparisons like the one posted, but the differences are not always as pronounced or as obvious . I`ve seen other good comparisons that are much closer. However it`s still a well known fact that you can do better with raw.

If you pixel peep, print large images, and lean toward being anal you should probably be shooting in raw mode.

That said , if you listen to the raw shooters you`d have to believe you can`t get a good image shooting jpg. and that`s a bunch of  bull too.  I know two professional wedding photographers who shoot jpeg only  .

Outside of the forums you will rarely encounter anyone shooting raw. Heck, most of them probably don`t know what raw is or do they care. Of course on these photo forums it`s a different story. You will come across some raw shooters here who tend to have an elistist attitude looking down their noses at you with regards to shooting in raw but don`t let it bother you. The forums and hosting sites are jam packed with excellent jpgs.

My advice is to read more about raw and raw processing and make your own comparisons . After a day or two you should be able to come to a conclusion whether to shoot raw , jpeg or both. Either way youshould get good images.

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