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Re: Newly converted

spqr_ca wrote:

I finally jumped ship from the world of Pentax, having been there since my film days, and bought the D800 with the 24-120mm f/4 lens to start (I'm notorious for LBA). I obviously haven't taken a lot of pictures yet, still learning my way around the camera, but I really quite like it and the images are freakin' huge!

So why jump ship? It was a hard decision since I do own two Pentax K-5 cameras and a boat load of lenses and other gear, but I finally decided that Pentax were really being honest when they said that no full frame camera was coming and nothing had changed on that score. The new K-5s look great, no shocker there, but I really want to do more (personal) studio oriented shooting and so the lack of a full frame option coupled with the, admittedly, anemic Pentax flash system and I gave up.

From my first test shots... My not always willing better half.

Welcome aboard!

I'm another convert (circa 2010). In my case, with nothing but manual focus Pentax lenses, the APS-C cameras with their puny viewfinders were unacceptable, and I had been looking at alternative systems for a while as a result of Pentax's endless foot dragging on making a FF dSLR. Now I've just got to list my Pentax gear for sale, which I've been slow to do.

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