Dramatic Tone filter vs. Lightroom [image comparison]

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Re: Dramatic Tone filter vs. Lightroom [image comparison]

andreipaul82 wrote:

Very nice image and composition.
I think you can get a even better B&W result with nik silver efex (get more structure in the clouds), compared to the dramatic tone conversion.


Yours was one of several mentions of Nik Silver Efex. I might have to look into it, though I don't do much B&W these days - funny, since in my "full-frame" (film) days, I worked almost exclusively in B&W.

Can you elaborate on your experience with the Nik software and/or provide some before/after samples to show what it can do?

As far as the "structure" in the clouds, I should probably mention that some of it is "false" structure created by the extra grain and/or dark blobs from the Dramatic Filter.

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