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Patco wrote:

ralittle2 wrote:

Perhaps, but how exactly? You start with a D600 and remove what?

Nikon has plenty to remove from the D600:

Remove the pentaprism VF, and replace it with a lower magnification pentamirror.

Remove the AF motor.

Remove the top LCD.

Remove the wireless flash commander.

Remove the DOF preview button.

Remove Auto FP sync.

Remove the front command dial.

Remove the option of a fully functional Nikon vertical grip.

Remove auto bracketing.

All of these things that were included in the D80/D90 were removed in lower end bodies that came after, and they still sold very well.

Worse AF? Cheaper body? And who would buy it? If Nikon were to come out with a D400 spec'd as you suggest then the folks who don't want a D600, but are waiting on a D300 replacement certainly wouldn't go for it. A D7200-type camera would blow it away in everything but the sensor. I see plenty of room above the 5200 for one or two cameras that are DX, but I don't see any room for a cheaper FF camera.

But, the absolute most you can remove would get you down $500 in end price (the same price diff between a D7000 and D3200 by removing all those features).  That means you've got a $1600 camera with an FX sensor that has hardly any features.  It's a complete non-starter.  Who wants to spend that much and get such a crippled camera?  Then, add $1000 worth of FX lenses to get a decent kit.  So, you've in for $2600 and your camera has no features.  Maybe a few FX folks would buy it as a backup body, but that's about it.  The majority of photographers would be much, much better with a D7200 or D5200 and some great glass.  This is why DX exists in the first place and still makes sense.

The low-end body works at the D3200 price level where the price is so low and kit lenses are so cheap, but that doesn't work at the price you'd be left at with an FX sensor.  FX sensors are just too darn expensive for that low-end a camera to make sense.

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