Sony A99 & HVL60M Flash, Wireless Setup not working???

Started Nov 15, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sony A99 & HVL60M Flash, Wireless Setup not working???

I have 3 flashes that I use with my A77.  The builtin flash of the A77 controls these flashes in wireless mode.  The A99 has no flash controller.  You have several options:

1. You can get the F20AM flash and use that as the wireless trigger for your 60.  On my A99, this is what I did, so that F20AM controls my two 58s and and old Minolta 3600HSD. The main problem with this setup is that the F20AM only uses the old protocol to control the wireles flashes.  So you cannot do groups, ratio, or take advantage of the decreased lag time.

2. You can get another F60AM, F58AM or F43AM to mount on your A99 to act as the controller.  Now you can use the new or old protocol for controlling the wireless system. You can even do ratio flashes with your on-board flash acting as one of the channels if you wish.  You can also spend tons of money and get more flashes and do all kinds of neat things.  The disadvantage here is that the wireless flashes must see the light from the controller flash on top of your camera.  So it does't work well when the flashes are far apart, in another room, or in bright daylight.

3. You can get a radio controller, and join the legions of Canon and Nikon folks.

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