Metz 58 af 1 with em-5 ?

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Re: Metz 58 af 1 with em-5 ?

Jeremy_T wrote:

.... and, to further muddy the waters, it seems like the Metz 50 AF-1 only ever responds as if it's in group A! Set it to a different group, and it'll fire a TTL flash but not contribute to the exposure!

Boy this is wonky! Group A CH 1 at least works fine in TTL mode, but just about everything else seems messed up!

I am positive this flash worked fine on the E-PM1. It's hard to imagine nobody else has had trouble if this is a general problem with Metz flashes on the E-M5 - so perhaps it's the latest E-M5 firmware update? Can anybody else test?

I've posted about this before (as have a couple of other people I think.

I have a Metz 58 AF-2 with updated firmware. I still have my old E-PL1 as a backup and the Metz works perfectly in all RC modes with that. But the 58 AF-2, as described above, doesn't work in RC Manual mode with the E-M5 (and didn't before the latest Oly firmware update either), whereas it seems to work fine in RC TTL and Auto modes. I have not yet tested with other than Group A.

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