Has Nikon recalibrated your 85mm f/1.4G?

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Re: +1 to -23 is way out of line.

dwa1 wrote:

just Tony wrote:

So my main question is that if I owned one of these lenses and sent it in to Nikon for AF recalibration, can they linearize the AF offset behavior, letting me use a single in-body fine tune setting and have it deliver the goods at any and all shooting apertures? Or did you still end up having to micro-manage the AF fine tune?

There is a "reasonableness" about everything. +1 to -23 is not even close to being that.

I would contact lens rentals about this problem. They should not have allowed a lens out for rental in this "condition". You may get the answer to the above questions from them.

If you don't get your questions answered from lens rentals, you could call and / or email Nikon Service and see what they say.

fwiw... I prefer to use APS in Chicago for most of my Nikon gear. For lenses, in years 2 to 5 of the 5-year USA warranty, Nikon is now enforcing their policy where the lens needs to be serviced by Nikon Service (for warranty coverage). bummer!

If I was interested in buying that lens and I heard about experiences like yours, I would call the Svc Mgr at APS (David) and get the facts before I made the purchase.


I have indeed been talking with them about it. I was able to get superb results (just with a little bit of preparation effort as I detailed previously) so I summed up my rental experience as a positive, and dropped them a note just as a heads-up. They have done a pretty detailed follow up investigation which I thought was pretty nice. They see a general need for a substantial but still in-bounds AF adjustment when their population of 85/1.4's is used on their population of D800's. Mine did not fall within the results of their group so it's possible that my early serial number D800 could use a rework of the PDAF  system by Nikon Service.

I'm not going to quote what they said because I didn't ask permission to do so. I'm going to check their rental page from time to time to see if any updates appear for this.

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