Serious Processing Power -Considering a new build in Spring 2013

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Re: Serious Processing Power -Considering a new build in Spring 2013

malch wrote:

Michael Firstlight wrote:

What am I doing that requires such power? I am frequently processing up to 120 36MP images into multi-Gigpixel composites.

RAM, RAM, RAM. Gobs of it will help more than anything.

However, do check out which of your software programs can make full use of it and ensure they are configured to do so.

Personally, I'm skeptical about RAIDing SSD's.

When you put HDD's in RAID 0, there's a big upside because of the parallel seeks and latency. Since there's (almost) no access delays with SSD's, the benefits are largely wiped out in most real-world applications. That which remains doesn't really justify the additional cost and complexity. Your specific processing may be an exception and derive some real advantage. But I have my doubts and I'd investigate it in detail rather than assume the money spent is really justified.

The one thing to keep an eye on is Disk Queue Depth.  I have seen it jump to 40 for both read and write with lightroom.  Once you get over a queue of 10 you will start noticing a difference with a RAID 0 setup.

In my RAID 0 setup using the Avnil Benchmark I am getting over 600mb/s for 4k random writes with a Queue Depth of 16.  The OP can check his write Queue depth when running certain tasks by running the Windows Perfmon and selecting Avg Queue Length counter under LogicalDisk.

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