2012 - a lot of new Nikon DSLRs released, 2013....

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Re: 2012 - a lot of new Nikon DSLRs released, 2013....

bikinchris wrote:

gl2k wrote:

Petruska wrote:

the true D700 replacement will come.

What could a "true D700 replacement" offer compared to the D800 ?

Less megapixels ?

My guess ... Nikon will have a hard time delivering something more appealing than the D800.

If megapixels are the most attractive thing, no. If a fast handling and low light performance camera are more attractive, yes.

I for one would like to see a low priced high performance low pixel count camera. Think low priced D3S 'mini me' with high frame rate, top level focus and lower price. Maybe a little smaller than the Pro models. Many amateurs would love it.

As for more pixels, my walls aren't big enough for the D800 as it is.

"Fast" in terms of frame rate, I'd agree, but the D800/800E beats the D700 in low light performance, so you're not missing anything there with a D800/800E as opposed to a D700.

As for the "D4 Lite" you seem to be referring to, I doubt you'll see it. Nikon isn't likely to undermine D4 sales to satisfy those who would like the same thing for less money. They did so with the D700 (vs. the D3) since they didn't have an array of sensors available at the time, but I don't think you'll see it again.

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